Get A Grip

Recently, a grip manufacturer (@OOQIgrips) out of Canada found us on Twitter to tell us about their product. We said, “Hey, yeah! Those look great. Send us a set and we’ll review the hell out of them on the Bike Gang! blog.” And since these guys are awesome, they sent us two sets, one in magma red and one in moon blue. You’ll notice the packaging is pretty tight, both physically and stylistically. And, yes, you read that correctly, there were stickers inside!


One other thing you’ll notice right away about these grips, aside from the bright coloring, is their size. They’re billed as “fat grips” for a reason. Below is a picture of my new OOQI grips alongside my old standard-issue Cannondale ones. Now, I’m no doctor, but I think this may even help with blood circulation.  Either way, I got this in my head and started complaining about poor hand circulation in the weeks leading up to these grips arriving in the mail.  My girlfriend said i was just being psychosomatic. She’s probably right.


I will say, though, it feels like my circulation feels better, if that makes any sense. And truthfully, we can spin our wheels all day long on whether or not these grips have a health benefit. One thing is for sure, however, my bike has never looked better. And I’ve got OOQI grips to thank for that!


So, do yourself a favor, gang. Go out and cop some of these fat grips for your bike today!

- tomball