Real People’s Bikes


Name: Jeffrey “Jeff Boyardee” “Jeffritata” “Hollywood” Huang

Jeff wasn’t available to sit down for this interview cause he was too busy being awesome on his bike.  Don’t get me Huang, I love this guy. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous of these fresh moves (as well as those rims). It might not be fair to call him a showoff, as I honestly think that popping a wheelie is his natural state of rest. Plus, he’s also the kind of guy to fix a tube for you, or he did for me that one time. (Thanks again, dude!)

Jeff’s currently in a DC bike gang. But, I’ll bet he takes that show on the road (to New York, please?) before too long.

Check back next week for another RPB!  If you ride|love your bike as much as we do, send us a pic with your name and a little bit on why you ride and we’ll feature you!

Ride all weekend,

- tomball

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